[mythtv-users] Streamzap with Hauppauge Grey Remotes?

Peter Watkins peterw at tux.org
Tue Sep 26 02:47:27 UTC 2006

James Pifer wrote:
> Anyone using a Steamzap USB IR with Hauppauge grey remotes? I realize
> the Streamzap comes with it's own remote, but I have several Hauppauge
> remotes that I use throughout the house. (I send the A/V/IR to other
> TVs).

I'm using the StreamZap USB receiver with Hauppauge PVR-350 remote
codes. In my case, I had programmed my universal remote to mimic the
PVR-350 and had tweaked my MythTV config, and decided I'd rather not
mess with all that again. I still have the PVR-350 and its remote, but I
have only uses the universal for MythTV since setting it up pre-StreamZap.

> If anyone is successfully using Streamzap for Hauppauge grey remotes and
> can you tell what is was like getting lirc working? 

I had to recompile lirc from source b/c the version I got (from ATrpms?
I followed Jarod's MythTVology guide) did not have StreamZap support. I
then had to use one of the lirc utilities to build a new lircd.conf
file. I had trouble with a very few of the buttons (1 or 2 at most). In
one case I had to re-teach my universal remote the code and recreate
that part of my lircd.conf file -- the remote knew the code well enough
for the Hauppauge dongle, but the StreamZap read it as two presses. Once
I reprogrammed that one key and fixed lircd.conf, it was fine.

You can get my lircd.conf file here:

If it works for you, too, I suppose one of us should submit it to the
email address in the file as "lircd.conf.greyhauppauge-streamzap" or
somesuch. Please let me know, off-list if you wish, how that works for you.

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