[mythtv-users] Streamzap with Hauppauge Grey Remotes?

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Sun Sep 24 22:45:53 UTC 2006

Anyone using a Steamzap USB IR with Hauppauge grey remotes? I realize
the Streamzap comes with it's own remote, but I have several Hauppauge
remotes that I use throughout the house. (I send the A/V/IR to other

I'm having trouble with my FX5200, for brightness and I have a general
performance issue. (see other posts). I have no solution for the
brightness problem over SVideo. Not sure why the performance issue
either. I have a PVR250/350 on a machine with an Athlon XP 1400+ with
768 Meg RAM. I get choppy playback from the frontend, even with the VGA
connection to my projector. Very disappointing. CPU usage does NOT seem
to be high, never see it go above 40%. This is on FC5 with myth 0.20.

Anyway, if another frontend works better for LiveTV/Recordings/Videos I
will use it as my main frontend and leave the backend as a dedicated
backend. Problem is I need an IR receiver for the remotes since right
now I use the Hauppauge cards for that. 

If anyone is successfully using Streamzap for Hauppauge grey remotes and
can you tell what is was like getting lirc working? 


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