[mythtv-users] Mytharchive error

Chris K ckotting at wideopenwest.com
Tue Sep 26 02:45:19 UTC 2006

In running Mytharchive (archiving files to a standard DVD), I get the 
following showing up in mythburn.log:

<earlier log entries snipped>
 Running: mythreplex --demux  --fix_sync -o /home/mythtv/work/1/stream 
-v 224 -a 192 "/home/mythtv/work/1/newfile.mpg"
 Reading from /home/mythtv/work/1/newfile.mpg
 Input file length: 739.44 MB
 Checking for TS: failed
 Checking for AVI: failed
 Checking for PS: confirmed(maybe)
 Video: aspect ratio: 4:3  size = 352x480  frame rate: 29.970 fps  bit 
rate: 6.00 Mbit/s
   vbvbuffer 1835008
 Sequence Extension: chroma 4:2:0   size = 352x480  bit rate: 6.00 
Mbit/s  vbvbuffer 1835008  frame rate: 29.970
 starting with video PTS:  0:00:00.311
 Audiostream: layer: 2  BRate: 384 kb/s  Freq: 48.0 kHz frame size: 1152 
( 0:00:00.024 ) *** stack smashing detected ***: mythreplex  terminated
 ERROR: Failed while running mythreplex. Command was mythreplex --demux  
--fix_sync -o /home/mythtv/work/1/stream -v 224 -a 192 

Can anyone give me a clue as to what "***stack smashing detected***" 
means in this case?

The system is a combined frontend/backend running FC5 and MythTV 0.20 
installed Per Jarod Wilson's instructions.  The files are direct MPEG 
files produced by a Hauppauge PVR-150.  Thanks for any 
help/direction/friendly harassment.


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