[mythtv-users] Somewhat OT: Netgear EVA700

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Tue Sep 26 02:15:30 UTC 2006

In that search for a slightly better looking yet simple FE, I stumbled
across the Netgear EVA700.

This is an Intel Viiv certified box that can play MPEG4 from a network
share, so I imagine it has some Intel grunt inside.  It has wired and
wireless ethernet and SCART, S-Video, RCA and SPDIF ports.  It is
cheap too at about US$200 or so according to Froogle.

My quick question is whether you guys think this could be hacked to
run linux and be a cool mythTV FE?  Does anyone have one just for uPNP
sharing from myth and what are the results?


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