[mythtv-users] Mythtv tops out at channel 13

Austin Roberts mythtv at ausiv.com
Sun Sep 24 21:21:11 UTC 2006

I've recently reinstalled my system, and I've been having a few problems.
Before reinstalling my system, my TV tuner (A sabrent TV-FM) would get any
channel up to channel 62 (It's supposed to go up to 125, but I can settle
with 62). After reinstallation, it only goes up to channel 13 on MythTV. As
a result, I've been using tvtime to watch live TV, because it gives me every
channel up to 62.

I know a popular response to tuner related problems is "buy a better tuner."
I'm saving up for a better tuner, but I'm a college student on low income,
so it will be quite a while before I can afford a nice tuner. Plus, I know
this tuner works, because I had it working with .19 and it works fine with

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting mythtv to see above channel 13?
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