[mythtv-users] Can't get multiple-directories patch to work on 0.20

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sun Sep 24 05:34:53 UTC 2006

Lincoln Dale <ltd at interlink.com.au> says:
> the implication is that your mythbackend isn't patched or installed then.


> what output do you get from:
> 	strings `which mythbackend` | grep LTD

I get nothing. However:

> you _should_ get:
> 	# strings `which mythbackend` | grep LTD
> 	0ADoHandleDeleteRecording(LTD): asked to delete %s: exists:%d
> if you donn't then applying the patch didn't work quite right..

The odd thing is that the only place LTD appears in your diff16.txt
(and at
although I of course downloaded <URL:http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/attachment/ticket/1744/diff16.txt?format=raw>) is

+    VERBOSE(VB_RECORD, LOC + "StartedRecording LTD("<<curRec<<") fn("

I've verified that LTD only appears in the mythtv source tarfile in

contrib/master_iconmap.xml:        <callsign>WVLTDT</callsign>
libs/libavformat/matroska.c:#define MATROSKA_ID_TRACKDEFAULTDURATION 0x23E383
libs/libavformat/matroska.c:                        case MATROSKA_ID_TRACKDEFAULTDURATION: {
libs/libavformat/matroska.c:            case MATROSKA_ID_TRACKDEFAULTDURATION: {

So where does 0ADoHandleDeleteRecording(LTD) . . . come from? Could it
be that diff16.txt at SVN be incomplete?

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