[mythtv-users] Can't get multiple-directories patch to work on0.20

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Sun Sep 24 03:24:11 UTC 2006

> > are you sure you've actually done a "make install" & that you're running
> > the newly-compiled code?
> I manually patch the SRPM specfile from the latest ATrpms SRPM, create
> a new SRPM, rebuild RPMs from it, then install them. (I do this with a
> couple of other patches, as well [with no overlaps with yours].) I've
> of course verified that the patch took hold in the resulting RPMs; for
> example, I see "(multiple directories can be specified, separated by
> commas)" in mythtv-setup.

ok - so clearly the patch applied correctly to mythtv-setup, but:

> >  filesystem:(0)/m1, free:44659638, total:307663800, used:264050872
> > if you don't see this, then you're not running myth with the patch
> > applied.
> . . . However, I *don't* see anything like the above with the
> 'mythbackend -v record' switch. I do see a lot more log messages from
> TVRec than the usual, though. Weird, eh?

the implication is that your mythbackend isn't patched or installed then.

what output do you get from:
	strings `which mythbackend` | grep LTD

you _should_ get:
	# strings `which mythbackend` | grep LTD
	0ADoHandleDeleteRecording(LTD): asked to delete %s: exists:%d

if you donn't then applying the patch didn't work quite right..

> Does it matter that one of the directories (the one I'm trying to add
> to the mix) is a local mount and the other (the directory I normally
> use to record) is a network mount?

provided you can write to both - no.  (and in fact, the check myth does by
creating a "nfslockfile.lock" verifies this by writing it to each

you could also verify that it exists in all the directories.



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