[mythtv-users] Can't get multiple-directories patch to work on 0.20

Lincoln Dale ltd at interlink.com.au
Sun Sep 24 00:54:53 UTC 2006

> Despite Isaac's recommendation against using Lincoln Dale's multiple
> recordings-directory patch, I decided I liked its approach better than
> myth_archive_job.pl. diff16.txt applied cleanly to 0.20 (ATrpms); I
> then put the following into mythtv-setup:
>      /var/lib/mythtv,/misc/cube/mythtv/store
> However, after starting mythbackend, here's what I get with LiveTV:
> 2006-09-23 11:27:36.054 TFW, Error: Opening file
> '/var/lib/mythtv,/misc/cube/mythtv/store/1172_20060923112800.mpg'.
>                         eno: No such file or directory (2)
> For some reason, mythbackend isn't correctly parsing the entry by
> splitting it up using the comma. nfslockfile.lock does properly get
> created in each directory if not already there, so I know the
> locations get properly parsed that far. Lincoln--or someone
> else--suggestions?

are you sure you've actually done a "make install" & that you're running the
newly-compiled code?

as a suggestion, to verify you are, run the backend with verbose recording
("mythbackend -v record") and if you are running it, when you go to record
something, it should tell you what directory it chose to store the recording
in.  something like:

 filesystem:(0)/m1, free:44659638, total:307663800, used:264050872 (chose 0)
 filesystem:(1)/m2, free:140634532, total:159963408, used:19328876 (chose 1)
 filesystem:(2)/m3, free:9740384, total:192292124, used:182551740 (chose 1)
 filesystem:(3)/m4, free:41359492, total:292994784, used:251635292 (chose 1)
 filesystem:(4)/m5, free:43838968, total:292994784, used:249155816 (chose 1)

if you don't see this, then you're not running myth with the patch applied.



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