[mythtv-users] Upgrade to .20, lirc stops working

Pete pete at putzin.net
Sat Sep 23 20:38:12 UTC 2006

OK, this was a wholesale upgrade, including adding smp (a new Athlon 
X2). Worked great at .19 a few weeks ago, then had some issues so I had 
it shut down for a while. Fired it up and upgraded this weekend and 
everything seems to be working except lirc. I don't think I changed 
anything from what was working before, but there is no response to 
remote commands. I'm using the Hauppage 350 ir connection, which has 
generally always worked in the past. Upgrades all done using yum.

1. Physical connection. It's plugged into the Hauppage jack in the back.
2. Module is loaded.
3. /etc/lircd.conf and /home/myth/.mythtv/lircrc exist and remain 
unchanged as near as i can tell. They still have the correct remote info 
in them anyway.
4. lircd is running and /dev/lirc has the correct permissions.
5. dmesg shows the ivtv driver loaded, and shows the lirc module loaded. 
No errors reported. Same in /var/log/messages.
6. irw starts and sits there like its supposed to, waiting for input.

The big changes here are myth .20, latest smp kernel for FC4, and ivtv 
.7 (not sure what it was before, but it was much older). Is it not 
lirc_i2c anymore? Is there something else I have to load? I've been over 
to the ivtv site, but can't find anything specific. A quick search of 
this forum isn't turning anything up that seems to relate to my 
scenario. Any thoughts or helpful advice. I've fought with lirc before, 
and always won. This time, I'm stumped. Thanks.


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