[mythtv-users] TVWish and 0.20, "Unknown column 'suggested' in 'field list'" errors

catfish catfish at halfdone.com
Sat Sep 23 19:01:49 UTC 2006

>> Has anyone attempted to use TVWish under Mythtv 0.20? Running FC4 and 
>> 0.20.20060828-3 (latest atrpm rpm) upgraded from 0.19. TVWish wasn't 
>> changed from the 0.19 install.
>> DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'suggested' in 'field 
>> list' at tvwish line 925.
>> DBD::mysql::st fetchrow_hashref failed: Unknown column 'suggested' in 
>> 'field list' at tvwish line 675.

> I have a patch (not checked into mythtv CVS) that
> adds a 'suggested' column to the myth database
> you can fix this by commenting out or removing these lines:
>         if( $mythTVDBVersion > 1141 ) {
>             $extrafields .= ", suggested ";
>             $extraparams .= ", ? ";
>             push( @storeargs, $envir->{"suggested"} || 0 );
>             }
> I have also uploaded a version with appropriate changes to my web site.

Ah, thanks! I was wondering about that field since older backups of the 
DB didn't have that column either and thought that perhaps tvwish 
stopped working earlier then I thought. Originally I created the column 
manually but I just undid that and copied over the updated tvwish file 
from the site. Works great, thanks again.

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