[mythtv-users] Two pcHDTV cards - two sound cards?

David McKenzie krisp at krisp.com
Fri Sep 22 18:39:30 UTC 2006

Does the card have an internal header for connecting to, say, the CD_AUDIO
port on the motherboard? If it does you can connect it to CD_AUDIO, AUX1 or
AUX2 directly on the motherboard. Most boards with built in sound have at
least the cd audio port. If the card does not have the internal header for
hooking it up, you can easily wire up the audio out 1/8" plug to the four
pin (2 or 3 wires) jack on the motherboard. I know that my FusionHDTV card
came with a cable to do this (has the internal header).

Hope this helps

On 9/22/06, Richard Krehbiel <richard.krehbiel at gmail.com> wrote:
> The pcHDTV HD-3000 card has an analog NTSC tuner, which is fine, and it
> has a cx88 video capture chip on the PCI bus, well and good, but it simply
> presents the analog sound to a jack in the back.  You're supposed to route
> this analog audio output to your sound card to digitize the audio.  Okay,
> I've got one of those.
> But I've also got a second HD-3000 card.  Um - to what do I cable it's
> audio-out???
> I'll compound the problem: I've got a microATX motherboard with two PCI
> slots, one PCI-X1, and one PCI-X16.  Both PCI slots are occupied by the
> HD-3000 cards.   The X16 is unoccupied (GeForce 6150 built-in video) but the
> back plate is being used (S/PIDF connector).  The X1 is unoccupied but it's
> backplate is also being used (RS232 connector).
> So where, exactly, am I gonna mount another sound card?
> Hm.  Maybe USB?
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