[mythtv-users] Two pcHDTV cards - two sound cards?

Richard Krehbiel richard.krehbiel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 18:10:09 UTC 2006

The pcHDTV HD-3000 card has an analog NTSC tuner, which is fine, and it has
a cx88 video capture chip on the PCI bus, well and good, but it simply
presents the analog sound to a jack in the back.  You're supposed to route
this analog audio output to your sound card to digitize the audio.  Okay,
I've got one of those.

But I've also got a second HD-3000 card.  Um - to what do I cable it's

I'll compound the problem: I've got a microATX motherboard with two PCI
slots, one PCI-X1, and one PCI-X16.  Both PCI slots are occupied by the
HD-3000 cards.   The X16 is unoccupied (GeForce 6150 built-in video) but the
back plate is being used (S/PIDF connector).  The X1 is unoccupied but it's
backplate is also being used (RS232 connector).

So where, exactly, am I gonna mount another sound card?

Hm.  Maybe USB?
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