[mythtv-users] Swamped by repeats

Dawson, Guy Guy.Dawson at eu.sony.com
Fri Sep 22 12:04:06 UTC 2006

> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Swamped by repeats
> Dawson, Guy wrote:
> > Has any one got any ideas regarding the duplication of 
> recording that 
> > occurs on UK DVB when using tv_grab_uk_rt?
> >  
> > I'm using 0.18 which generally works fine, so I'm leaving alone for 
> > now.  However,  I would like to be able to record series of 
> shows by 
> > simply setting record always with duplicate detection.  This way, I 
> > give the scheduler maximum scope to record all programs and avoid 
> > conflicts.
> >  
> > The problem is that those kind people at the Radio Times 
> seem to have 
> > a haphazard approach to the data feed,  and we get the same episode 
> > sub-titled and/or described in various ways.  Naturally Myth sees 
> > these as different programs and records them all.
> >  
> > This happens with Lost, Doctor Who,  ER and any number of 
> shows.  Lost 
> > is especially bad, as there are something like 6 airings of a given 
> > episode.
> >  
> > I have had a few ideas,  but have yet to try them out 
> through lack of 
> > time / experience.
> >  
> > Has anyone else found a solution to this?
> >  
> > Guy Dawson
> >
> Upgrade to a newer version which supports improved logic for 
> duplicate detection. Even this is not 100% duplicate free but 
> using features like "make one recording of this show each 
> week" seems to fix the stubborn dups. Another possibility 
> would be to not dup check on program description, only title 
> and sub-title.
Is there any detail on the improved duplicate detection.  I found
nothing in the relase notes about this.

( The once per week setting needs to be used with care, since it has
been known for the odd 'double bill' of new showings to occur, which
means you miss one.  Also I had trouble with this when recording
Casualty on Saturday nights.  This show moves up and down the schedule,
and this seemed to confused the once a week algorithm. )


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