[mythtv-users] Update channel icons for your area (was Re: Sky Channel Icons)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Thu Sep 21 21:35:40 UTC 2006

On 09/21/06 17:15, Steven Adeff wrote:

>On 9/21/06, Stephen Boddy <stephen.boddy at btinternet.com> wrote:
>>On Tuesday 19 September 2006 13:22, Peter Dash wrote:
>>>The script that someone else mentioned - mythautoicon - that pulls
>>>icons from lyngsat semi-automatically can be found here:
>>>and works fine for me (in the uk).
>>And the person who wrote it (that'd be me ;-) does lurk on the list, and is
>>happy to answer questions and fix issues you find. I've seen no questions or
>>issues since I posted info on the last version in May, so it either works, or
>>very few people have used it.
>I do need to give this a go, wasn't quite sure how though, and was
>going to wait till I had some free time to figure it out, Mike's
>writeup should let me get around to doing this sooner.
Although MythTV's SVN branch doesn't use mythautoicon.  Instead, it has 
a complete list of all the available logos and icons on lyngsat in a 
text file.

As I see it:

mythautoicon's goal is to create a script that can automatically grab 
icons for users and insert them into the database.  The download and 
insert into the database portion of mythautoicon overlaps 
mythfilldatabase's ability to do the same.  However, mythautoicon adds a 
capability to find the icons.

master_iconmap.xml's goal is to create a mapping between every station 
in existence and the appropriate icon for that station so that 
mythfilldatabase can download the icons and insert them into the 
database (without needing another package) using its internal 
functionality.  The master_iconmap.xml is a replacement for 
mythautoicon's search functionality.

> I removed stub status, your work makes it no longer a stub =)


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