[mythtv-users] not loading all pvr-150's...

Mitch Anderson mitch at metauser.net
Thu Sep 21 20:48:03 UTC 2006

Mitch Anderson wrote:
> I'm getting an error while loading the first pvr-150, that it can't find
> the firmware on the first card which is the solo pvr-150(but everything
> works fine. 

oops... looks like i hit send before i finished my sentence.  It fails
on initializing the first card which is the pvr-150, but it initializes
the two in the prv-500 no problems right after.

That would be why I'm a little confused and don't know where to start
because the firmware is there and it works for the pvr-500.  And from
the lspci output all three cards are the same chipset and revision.
This card was working before I moved (then i was running gentoo and had
the opposite problem actually... couldn't get the 500 to really
work...but I'm positive that was a config error on my part)  I've since
moved and bought a new motherboard for this box.  So I don't think its a
problem with the card, but I will try just that card when I get home to
make sure.

Any ideas?


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