[mythtv-users] Multiple instances of mythfrontend allowed?

Noah Markon nmarkon at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 14:14:13 UTC 2006

> Yes. Easiest way is to create multiple users, one for each output. You
> will also need a different video card for each output, which if your
> just doing standard def you can use multiple PCI video cards with TV
> out. If you want HD out on more than one screen, you may need to look
> into a motherboard with PCIe (didn't check if yours has or not) and
> use multiple PCIe Nvidia cards. With XvMC and enough CPU you should be
> able to handle this.

I don't think you'll need 2 video cards. I think my setup is close to
what you're looking for. I've got my monitor hooked up to the VGA port
on my card, and the DVI port goes to the TV. Using one card. So I've
got 1080p going to the TV and 1920x1200 going to my monior. It works
pretty well. I haven't got it setup exactly the way I want it, right
now I have some remote/focus issues. I haven't though of using 2
frontends, so i don't know what issues would crop up when doing that..

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