[mythtv-users] connection timeout (frontend won't talk to backend on same system)

Chris McCuller cpmccull at valdosta.edu
Tue Sep 19 19:24:43 UTC 2006

running FC5 with latest yum updates/upgrades
myth .20

when starting the frontend and trying to watch livetv, I get an error 
saying 'Could not connect to the master backend server - is it running? 
Is the IP address set for it in the setup program correct?'

the answers are YES, it is running, and I DON'T KNOW if the IP address 
is correct. I've tried and my local IP address. I've got 2 
NICs (3COM 905c and Nvidia Nforce3) and both will let me browse the net, 
but Mythfrontend will not for the life of it see the backend process 
running. There is no firewall running. The frontend and backend are on 
the same box.

I've dug around online, and haven't found anything like this. It's 
probably something small and random (ie something that'll make me feel 
dumb when it's brought to my attention) that I missed. any suggestions?

Chris McCuller                                 cpmccull at valdosta.edu
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