[mythtv-users] Mythmusic lost from mythweb

Phil Foxton phil at thefoxtons.org.uk
Tue Sep 19 16:45:20 UTC 2006

Thanks, it's no real biggy, I'll wait for .20.1

Phil Foxton RHCE

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> Phil Foxton wrote:
> > I have my box configured to get it's music from an NFS share (same as
> > Mythvideo, but a different share), but I can see mythvideo from Mythweb,
> > but not mythmusic.  This has been lost since an upgrade to .20 from .19.
> > Running Mythdora 0.32U.
> This is a known bug that has been fixed.  You can either wait for .20.1
> or grab mythweb from svn from the 20-fixes branch (recommended).
> -Chris
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