[mythtv-users] Second Tuner distorts recordings

Colin Bell colinabell at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 08:43:57 UTC 2006

I am currently using MythTV 0.20 with two Hauppauge DVB tuners. I can  
watch Live TV on both tuners with no problems including picture-in- 
picture. Pushing "Y" on the keyboard swaps between tuners without  
issue. I can change channels on both tuners etc.

Recording is a different story. The first tuner records without  
issue. The second tuner fails to record properly. The picture is  
distorted beyond recognition, skips, has blank sections etc. I've  
tried recording on both cards simultaneously and on its own. I have  
tried swapping it for an entirely new card which does exactly the  
same thing. I also upgraded to kernel 2.6.17 to get the latest DVB  
drivers. Looking at the log yields no negative markers.

Please help someone!

Many thanks


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