[mythtv-users] MythArchive not available on FC3 ??

Christopher Ruppel cjruppel at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 19 15:32:26 UTC 2006

--- brian <turbo at talstar.com> wrote:
> I upgraded from MythTV 0.19 to 0.20 when it was
> released; compiled from
> source and the upgrade went smoothly.
> Tonight, I decided to try out the new MythArchive
> functionality.  I
> thought I had all the dependencies installed and
> ready to go, so I set
> up a temp directory for MythArchive to work in,
> selected a previous
> recording, popped a blank DVD-R into the drive, and
> fired it up.
> The mythburn.log file tells me "Sorry, your Python
> is too old. Please
> upgrade at least to 2.3.5"  After some research, I
> find that I can get
> 2.3.4 for my FC3 machine, but no later --  well, not
> entirely true; I
> can install 2.4, but I don't know how to tell
> MythArchive to
> use /usr/bin/python24 instead of /usr/bin/python . 
> The python page
> specifically warns against replacing the 2.3.4
> version installed with
> the OS with the 2.4 version outright, as other parts
> of the OS may be
> expecting the 2.3.4 version.
> So, are FC3 MythTV installations simply out of luck,
> or is there an easy
> work-around?   I am amassing parts for a rebuild of
> my MythTV system,
> and I'll probably build that with FC5 (or, perhaps
> by then, FC6), but
> that's several months in the future... is there
> anything I can do, even
> temporarily, on my FC3 system to utilize
> MythArchive?

I had the exact same problem with MythArchive on FC3. 
I installed Python 2.4 to the usr/local/ prefix and it
created a python and python2.4 binaries in
/usr/local/bin.  I deleted the python binary so it
wouldn't interfere with the original /usr/bin/python
on my system.  To get mytharchive to use python2.4 in
the mytharchive source code I changed the line in
mythburnwizard.cpp from:
commandline = "python " + gContext->GetShareDir() +
commandline = "python2.4 " + gContext->GetShareDir() +

I recompiled and mytharchive works for me now.  Hope
this helps.

-- Chris

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