[mythtv-users] IR Blaster and Channel change script for Myth TV

Ramanraj Vamsi ramanrajvamsi at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 06:19:01 UTC 2006


Yeah I tried 0863 and I got unknown.
Even I tried irrecord ,but it failed for me.
I will try building homebrew serial port IR transmitter and hope it may
Or else ar brain suggested I have to go for "smart" blaster.

Thanks for your information regarding and any further suggestions are
welcome regarding this topic!

n 9/19/06, Brian Wood <beww at beww.org> wrote:
> On Sep 18, 2006, at 12:00 PM, Nick wrote:
> > On 18/09/06, Ramanraj Vamsi <ramanrajvamsi at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> Hi Nick,
> >>  But I am using a Hauppauge IR blaster Remote that came with the
> >> card.Does
> >> this mean that I have to use a DVB with a known code set(currently
> >> I am
> >> using Zenega CD-1004S for which I have n't come across the code
> >> set number
> >> in any link on that blog as well as the link specified in previous
> >> thread)?
> >>
> >>  How can I make my IR Blaster control my STB?
> >>
> >>  Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!
> >
> > If you have an unused serial port on your computer, the easiest way to
> > control your STB may well be to build/buy a serial port IR blaster
> > (this is what I did).
> >
> > Your PVR-150 blaster is limited in the IR codes it can use, and it
> > would appear from your results that the blaster cannot emit codes that
> > will control your particular STB (did you try the 0863 code suggested
> > by Rick earlier?). Therefore, you need to find another way of
> > controlling it - and from experience the best way I have found is to
> > use a homebrew serial port IR transmitter (schematics on lirc.org).
> > Some STBs let you control them using a direct serial cable connection
> > but you must know for sure whether this is possible with your STB.
> >
> > However, in order to be able to use \any\ transmitter with your STB,
> > you need to know which IR codes it uses. If the codes are not
> > available from the lirc.org site, I would use a serial port IR
> > receiver to record the STB remote's codes directly. However, as you
> > are using the PVR-150 IR receiver - you may well have problems
> > recording the remote, as Hauppauge IR receivers are limited to
> > receiving RC-5 based IR signals. Have you tried using irrecord to
> > record the STB's remote control?
> >
> > It probably appears that there is no end in sight yet - I think that
> > of all the things that could cause problems for you, you have
> > experienced nearly all of them so far. From my experience using IR
> > with external STBs and remote controls, the things that I have proven
> > to work are serial IR receivers and transmitters.
> >
> The serial IR blasters fall into two categories: The "dumb" ones that
> are pretty much just LED drivers and depend on LIRC to generate all
> of the timing and codes etc., and the "smart" ones like the MyBlaster
> that just need to be fed some basic info, like what code set and what
> instruction, via the serial port. The latter can usually "learn" from
> a remote transmitter as well as a pre-set list.
> Although the "smart" blasters cost a few dollars more, they are much
> easier (IMHO) to get going and require a lot less smarts from the
> control program, of course with that comes a lack of flexibility to
> some extent.
> I played around with homebrew blasters and probably spent more on
> soldering supplies than anything else. Thanks to William Munson's
> very flexible perl script I was controlling my satellite receiver 10
> minutes after taking a MyBlaster out of the box.
> So you can spend around $15 and several hours getting it to work, or
> spend $45 and 15 minutes, just depends on what your resource
> availability is I guess.
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