[mythtv-users] Dual NTSC and ATSC setup

Peter Watkins peterw at tux.org
Tue Sep 19 02:47:50 UTC 2006

Harry Lipkind wrote:

> I just built 0.20 on SLED10 and it worked without any histrionics!
> Great.
> I set the board type to ATSC, had the pcHDTV card search the band and
> pulled in all the Over the Air channels here in the DC area.
> I want to put another card in now to get the NTSC - standard broadcast
> channels.    I expect that this card will be IVTV type but it doesn't
> have to be.
> Could someone tell me how to do this?

Basically, something like this:
 - make sure your schedule source (zap2it?) has an appropriate channel
   lineup for the new card (does your current lineup include digital and
   analog?) I find it easier to maintain a different lineup for
   ATSC/digital and NTSC/SD, as it means not having to use the channel
   editor; possible downside is that Myth won't understand that ABC 7.1
   shows the same content as ABC analog 7, etc.
 - configure mythtv not to start at boot
 - shut down mythbackend and mysql
 - back up the mysql tables/data
 - shut down the system
 - add the card & connect your antenna/feed
 - boot
 - look at dmesg to see that the new card was recognized and to see the
   card order
 - test the card(s) if you wish
 - use mythtvsetup to either add the new card (if the /dev entries
   didn't change; e.g., if your pcHDTV still shows as video0 and the
   new card shows as video1), or to remove all capture card info and
   then add capture cards for both devices. Generally, it's a good idea
   to add the card you expect to use most often for LiveTV *last*; with
   certain settings, the card with the highest number is preferred for
 - use mythtv setup to associate the data sources with the tuners of
   the capture cards
 - start mythbackend
 - test
 - configure mythtv to start at boot

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