[mythtv-users] Dual NTSC and ATSC setup

Harry Lipkind hil at hiltech.com
Tue Sep 19 16:46:35 UTC 2006


Thank you for getting back to me.  I understand what you wrote but I
have a couple of questions:

On the 1st setup section of MythTV you have to pick NTSC or ATSC.  After
you pick one of these for the first card, you can change it the second
time through for the second (or third etc) card but doesn't that foul up
the setting for the 1st card?

Putting two cards in a machine means that the "configure" file probably
needs to be editted to support more than one card type - such as IVTV
and DVB-T.  Yes / No ?  Or have you found one card that will tune from

Is there anything I have missed?

Thank you in advance

Harry Lipkind

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 22:47 -0400, Peter Watkins wrote:
> Harry Lipkind wrote:
> > I just built 0.20 on SLED10 and it worked without any histrionics!
> > Great.
> > 
> > I set the board type to ATSC, had the pcHDTV card search the band and
> > pulled in all the Over the Air channels here in the DC area.
> > 
> > I want to put another card in now to get the NTSC - standard broadcast
> > channels.    I expect that this card will be IVTV type but it doesn't
> > have to be.
> > 
> > Could someone tell me how to do this?
> Basically, something like this:
>  - make sure your schedule source (zap2it?) has an appropriate channel
>    lineup for the new card (does your current lineup include digital and
>    analog?) I find it easier to maintain a different lineup for
>    ATSC/digital and NTSC/SD, as it means not having to use the channel
>    editor; possible downside is that Myth won't understand that ABC 7.1
>    shows the same content as ABC analog 7, etc.
>  - configure mythtv not to start at boot
>  - shut down mythbackend and mysql
>  - back up the mysql tables/data
>  - shut down the system
>  - add the card & connect your antenna/feed
>  - boot
>  - look at dmesg to see that the new card was recognized and to see the
>    card order
>  - test the card(s) if you wish
>  - use mythtvsetup to either add the new card (if the /dev entries
>    didn't change; e.g., if your pcHDTV still shows as video0 and the
>    new card shows as video1), or to remove all capture card info and
>    then add capture cards for both devices. Generally, it's a good idea
>    to add the card you expect to use most often for LiveTV *last*; with
>    certain settings, the card with the highest number is preferred for
>    LiveTV
>  - use mythtv setup to associate the data sources with the tuners of
>    the capture cards
>  - start mythbackend
>  - test
>  - configure mythtv to start at boot
> -Peter

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