[mythtv-users] PATH, QTDIR, and qmake

Rich Goodwin rich.goodwin at cox.net
Tue Sep 19 02:07:59 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-09-18 at 13:43 -0600, scott at tbwifi.ca wrote:
> After digging through some old postings (2003) I saw a post where a user had
> $ which qmake
> /usr/bin/qmake
> and all was well.  Is is possible that as long as /usr/lib/qt3 is in PATH
> and the QTDIR is correct as /usr/lib/qt3 that I'll be okay?  I remember on
> a previous attempt that
> $ which qmake
> returned an error.  Perhaps if you get a postive response that's all
> that's required?
> Come someone comment?  Please note that this is a Mandriva 2006 distro as
> shown below in the oriType name of new folderginal post.
> Thx
> > Hi,
> > I am using Mandriva 2006 and I can't get the:
> > $ which qmake
> > to display:
> > /usr/lib/qt3/bin/qmake
> > Instead it displays:
> > usr/bin/qmake
> > can someone please provide a simple solution?
> > I've tried various modifications to /etc/profile.d with no success.  I've
> > referenced the Mandriva notes on page 21 of the manual and this is how I
> > was able to get the QTDIR properly set which was a problem before as well.
> >  I am very green so I am sure that I am missing a command or perhaps some
> > important syntax.  Please help!  I think this is almost my last hurdle.
> > Thx
> > SFS
> > _______

QTDIR is called for (IIRC) so no.  You need to specify QTDIR.



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