[mythtv-users] losing audio/video sync when transcoding: a workaround

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Sep 18 15:40:46 UTC 2006

Peter Schachte wrote:
> Hi,
>  > I hope this helps.  Now, does anyone have any idea how to stop the
> garage door opener from generating interference?  I've done some
> googling, but can't find any suggestions short of replacing all my
> antenna wiring.

I presume that your mythbox is physically reasonably close to your 
garage, as in, on the other side of the garage wall.
Do you know if it is the remote transmitter or the actual door opener 
which is the culprit? Hard to believe that the remote would produce a 20 
second burst of RF, but even harder to understand how/why the door 
opener unit would do so. Probably the power control board of the opener 
unit. You may want to check that the length of the interference is 
exactly the same period that the opener is running. Then:

1)	Quick fix/check: if you happen to have a metallized shopping bag 
handy, or don't mine using lots of cooking foil, just wrap the back of 
whole darn thing in foil except for the opener antenna and ground the 
foil to the unit. Hopefully, the front points away from your mythbox.

2)	Yell at the manufacturer's customer service people, since it should 
NOT be doing that. (Especially if the 'foil-Faraday-cage' reduces  the 
interference). The FCC / DCC etc. have regulations about that sort of 
interference. Might get the whole thing completely fixed if the unit is 
not too old.
3)	Check the power board for loose connections or a dead capacitor, 
since as noted, it should NOT be doing that...
4)	Cover the power control with a shield...aluminum cooking foil stuck 
to cardboard or bristol board with contact cement makes a nice easily 
shaped cover. (Been there, Done that).
5)	If [ 3 ] then order a new power control board/ demand replacement 
etc. etc....


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