[mythtv-users] [Semi-OT] MythDorm

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Mon Sep 18 06:53:32 UTC 2006

> Hi. I'm writing with an interesting problem. In my dorm, I am not
> allowed to run a router, nor am I allowed to run any sort of file
> server. Any time I used SMB to stream media to my XBox, I lose my
> internet connection for an hour and a half. At the moment, I don't
> have a screen to use with my Myth box, and I had always planned to
> just use it with my XBox. At this point, I'm considering using a
> FireWire connection to my laptop as a front-end. I still want the
> system to pull its listing data from straight ethernet, but only make
> SMB/NFS/MythWeb/etc data only available over 1394. Is this possible,
> and if so, how hard is this?

I'm not an expert on this stuff but I'd have thought you could set up
some firewall rules on your Myth box so that only the Xbox knows
you're running SMB - any other requests for SMB would be dropped.


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