[mythtv-users] [Semi-OT] MythDorm

Mike Grusin mgrusin at flyingcircuits.com
Mon Sep 18 07:27:01 UTC 2006

Ivan writes:
> Hi. I'm writing with an interesting problem. In my dorm, I am not
> allowed to run a router, nor am I allowed to run any sort of file
> server.

I can understand no servers, but what would be wrong with a router?  That
would have been my suggestion for solving your problem - a little Linksys
box would insulate your dorm room network from the rest of the world (no
exposed servers), but still let your Mythbox get its listings when needed.
In fact, I'm not sure how they could even detect a NAT router; it should
look like one IP to the outside world.

-Mike G.

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