[mythtv-users] Small MythTV Stickers

Cameron Watt roo.watt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 23:09:25 UTC 2006

On 17/09/06, Damien Dusha <damiendusha at netspace.net.au> wrote:
> At the risk of having the craziest idea for the week, I'm thinking about
> small stickers  with the MythTV logo 2-3cm long, - that's about an inch
> for those on the wrong side of the pacific :) .


Or is it just a crazy idea?
> Damien.

Hi Damien,

Nothing wrong with a whole lot of crazy! I like the idea and definitely
would purchase a couple. I think anything to push the "MythTV brand" is a
great thing. They would need to be of high quality though as I have OrigenAE
X11 case which is quiet nice from the front (all aluminium).

Another idea would be a MythTV remote, I don't think it is that expensive to
get customised remote controls (it is the volumes that may be the issue). I
hate all the MCE like remotes with the green windoze like buttons in the
middle. If we could get a manufacturer to create a remote that is labelled
in a more MythTV friendly way it would be great, even if it is to just dump
the windoze stuff.

Probably would be hard to get everyone to agree and don't know how to front
the cost of it. Would be better to lobby an existing manufacture to tweak a
current design. I don't like to rely on the remote that came with my tuner
cards (3 cards, 2 different types of remote) and would like a "MythTV
remote". I guess this is why I am looking to get a Philips Pronto on the
cheap if I can.

Another cool thing would be some "officially" hosted artwork for boot splash
and desktop backgrounds (although I never see the desktop on my dedicated
BE/FE ) for the svn myththemes.

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