[mythtv-users] Network Drive Storage Questions and others.

Big Wave Dave bigwavedave at gmail.com
Sun Sep 17 18:41:04 UTC 2006

On 9/17/06, Ryan <dreadlocks at gmail.com> wrote:
> you dont need alot of horsepower, I built a fileserver capable of
> holding 4 ide drives and 8 sata drives for very cheap.. it uses a
> 800Mhz via CPU that takes very little power.. infact I calculate a
> 450W psu could power the system with all 12 drives.
> http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16813185043
> thats the board, I tossed 2 4 port sata cards in it with the cheapest
> atx case I could find w/room for all 12 drives and plenty of fans and
> a desent powersupply add in some cheap 512MB ram and it works great
> and is reliable..
> Currently I have over 1TB of storage capacity and still have room for
> 8 more drives. I would recomend sticking with Seagate drives as they
> all come with 5 year warranties.
> I record to the local drive and I have scripts setup to run every week
> to move the data to the file server for archival purposes
> On 9/17/06, Douglas Wagner <douglasw0 at gmail.com> wrote:
> > All,
> >
> >       So i've had my MythTV setup now for about 6 months and loving it to
> > death.  Wife's happy, i'm happy, it's all good.
> >
> >  Big problem is I went with a 250g disk for /video, which I knew at the time
> > was small.  Amazingly enough (NOT) it's full...gee, couldn't have guessed
> > that would happen.
> >
> >  So, starting to look at a new drive but also starting to re-consider the
> > whole structure.
> >
> >  Currenlty I have a frontend/backend on one computer with the drive
> > internal.  Works as a basic Myth box, no questions about that.  I'm starting
> > to try to figure out about client / server installs and off computer disk
> > storage.
> >
> >  Networked disk storage: Considering building or having a computer who's use
> > is network disk storage.  What i've got right now is IDE (unfortunately it's
> > not sata but money doesn't grow on trees and a new computer right now is
> > kinda out of the question).  I can go up to 4 disks on the controller i've
> > got right now (it's a raid controller).  Is IDE going to cut it across a
> > network?  Will a PII 400 cut it for a disk array device for harddrive
> > storage of Myth Videos (Don't see why not).  Figuring exports via both Samba
> > and NFS...nfs exporting the drive area SHOULD get mytharchiver to make it
> > think the files are local.  Is 100 Base T going to do it for streaming the
> > myth recordings out to a foreign disk or do I need to go with gigabit? (Yes,
> > it's wired)
> >
> >  Opinoin question: If you were going to build a network drive array right
> > now how would you do it?  Stay away from SCSI, I don't think I could afford
> > to go there.
> >
> >  Frontend/Backend: Don't quite have the computer for this yet don't think
> > but in the future, what kind of horsepower does the front end / back end
> > need?  Do they both need 3g+ CPUs or does one or the other only need
> > something significantly slower?
> >
> >  Thanks for the advice.
> >
> >  --Douglas Wagner
> >

What case are you using to hold all those drives and still have that
much room left?


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