[mythtv-users] TV-Out to FX5200 migration

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sun Sep 17 12:46:40 UTC 2006

On 09/17/06 06:32, Martin Ravell wrote:

> I’ve just bitten the bullet and re-installed my Myth box by buying a 
> new hard drive and setting up from scratch with a brand new OS (FC5). 
> In addition to a new install of Myth (0.20 from the ATRPMs) I’ve opted 
> to use a GeForce FX5200 board instead of the PVR-350’s TV-Out that I 
> had on my FC3 / 0.18 setup. Given that the 350 is falling out of 
> favour for playback I though that it would be good to make this move. 
> I also want to get MAME to work!
> Should I expect to get a similar level of quality in my video playback 
> on the fx5200 that I got on my PVR-350?
Once you configure it correctly, yes. (This may be easier said than done.)

> I seem to be getting compression artefacts in my playback. There is 
> “tearing” which happens when a scene pans or where there is a lot of 
> movement.
That sounds more like interlacing than tearing. Tearing should never 
occur if you have Xv support (and, assuming your NVIDIA proprietary 
drivers are properly installed, you do).

For interlacing, just enable one of the deinterlacing methods in the TV 
Playback section of frontend settings. I recommend trying them all and 
choosing the one you like best.

> The machine is a P4 2.4 GHz Intel board and I’m seeing about 9% CPU 
> utilisation during playback.
> Can anyone suggest good settings for such a rig?
> Should I be using XvMC?
Definitely not necessary if all you're doing is standard definition.

> If so do I need to switch to CVS and compile instead of using the ATRPM’s?

> I’ve tried various combinations of things in mythtvsetup and the setup 
> area within mythfrontend but without much joy.
> Can anyone suggest a nice magic bullet for getting good quality 
> playback on this 5200 card?
Trial and (lots of) error.


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