[mythtv-users] Slow UI in MythTV SVN

Ryan Duffy dusteur at excite.com
Sun Sep 17 11:48:55 UTC 2006

Ryan Duffy wrote:> I a very similar sounding problem with my system, currently running 0.19.1.> Some of the menus are slow some of the time. > e.g. when I go into the recorded programs menu, it responds quickly. If I then watch a recording, and exit back to the recorded programs menu it takes at least a second for each movement of the selection. If I exit out one level (back to the media library menu) and then come back into the recorded programs menu, it is quick again. This is consistently the case.> I find it hard to believe that video drivers are the cause of my problem.I have been having exactly this problem for some months. I have beenusing (and frequently upgrading) SVN. I have been using the Qt painterand I think this problem started before the OpenGL painter was evenavailable.For a while, I thought the problem was video driver related. I startedwith a Radeon 8500 that worked, but seemed a little buggy. I mostly usedX.org's radeon driver. Now, I have a Radeon 9600, 
also using X.org'sradeon driver. I think it's very unlikely a video driver problem, sinceit happens during very low demand drawing and is very intermittent.Moving through menu options can be very slow (up to a second to movedown one selection). Then, I restart mythfrontend (but not the Xsession) and it's quick. Video playback, which should be much moredemanding of the hardware in terms of data rates, is fine.On another system I set up with MythTV 0.19 installed, using a PVR-350for display, menus and TV playback work great, though DVD playback is alittle jerky.Clearly, I'm not the only one experiencing this, so I think it may be aMythTV bug.Jonathan Rogers

I have examined what's happening more closely, and I'm pretty certain it is a bug. 
When I first enter the "Watch Recordings" menu, the recording selection changes quickly, and the video preview appears a second or so later, when I stop scrolling through the recordings. At this point I can scroll through the recordings very quickly. 
However, after returning to that menu by exiting from watching a recording, the menu selection doesn't update until *after* the video preview starts, so it takes a second or so to change the selection, and I can't scroll through the recordings quickly because the preview for every recording must start showing before the selection can move to the next one, so trying to scroll down through 10 shows takes 10 seconds.
I've updated to 0.20 and its still happening. I use the Qt painter as openGL doesn't work well with my video card.

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