[mythtv-users] Infamous yum upgrade screwed up my nvidia drivers...

Trey Thompson trey at verustech.com
Sat Sep 16 04:23:59 UTC 2006

OK, well, I didn't know this would hurt until after I did...  "Sir,
please don't touch the hot plate..."


Well, I was installing my new PVR-500, and one of the How-Tos said to do
a 'yum upgrade'.  Well, this upgraded 146 packages or something, and now
my nvidia drivers (which I only got working two days ago PERFECTLY with
OpenGL and everything!) are hosed.  X wouldn't even start.


I removed them, and re-added them through Axels RPMs, which is what I
did originally, but I can't get them to work right.  The NVidia X Server
Settings program only has 1 page (used to have 6 or 7, including OpenGL
settings).  And the MythFrontEnd menus take about 30 seconds to
draw/fade in.


How can I completely kill/remove and re-install properly everything
related to my video drivers?  OR...  What else is wrong?


Thanks in advance!




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