[mythtv-users] Update to 0.20 Help!

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Fri Sep 15 19:56:04 UTC 2006

On 09/15/06 11:45, jphughes at optonline.net wrote:

> I did an update to 2.0 and things are deteriorating rapidly. I have 
> Myth running on a dual head x setup. I have Myth starting on screen 
> one which is the TV.  When Myth starts on screen one its theme graphic 
> is completely distorted. It seems when the screen has focus this is 
> the case because if I click on screen zero then Myth graphics return 
> to normal on screen 1.  If I start Myth on screen zero it look fine.

>  However the really bad part is when I exit Myth it bombs and kills 
> the current session and the next screen is a login screen. This 
> happens every time. I have tried different themes but noting changes. 
> Being new to Linux I don't know if the two problems are related but I 
> suspect not. I have spent several hours trying to fix this by 
> reinstall with no success. So I am asking for help
Are you sure your not just starting mythfrontend as the last item in 
your .xinitrc or something?  That would be the exact behavior (although 
it's not "bombing"--it's just exiting.


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