[mythtv-users] How to migrate back to 0.19-fixes with ATrpms?

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Thu Sep 14 19:49:00 UTC 2006

John Lundell <jdlundell at gmail.com> says:
> I too am having huge problems with HD playback on 0.20.  It is
> unwatchable on my P4 3.0 processor.

M3 T00!!!

> On 0.19 using libmpeg2, bob deint with 1080i input, mythfrontend was
> at about 70% cpu and X was at about 30%.  Since this was running SMP
> on a hyperthreading processor, it was fine.  Now on 0.20, the
> frontend is at 99.9% and the playback stutters.

As David Letterman occasionally says about some miscreant in the news,
"It's like I have a *twin*!" Exact same hardware and scenario for me,
except using "Standard" (ffmpeg); I haven't tried libmpeg2 with
0.20. I hadn't yet reported this to the list or to svn.mythtv.org
because I'd thought this was a function of not having compiled my
ATrpms packages with --enable-proc-opt and --target=pentium4 (not that
I'd really needed these settings to get good HDTV playbacks before),
but clearly it's really not just me.

> In both cases (0.19 and 0.20) I am using Axel's packages from ATrpms
> (thanks for these!).

Unfortunately, I can't even get the small performance improvement with
using these optimizations any more, because--unlike with 0.19--I
cannot get the 0.20 ATrpms SRPM to compile. It always fails when
trying to create a symlink in /var/tmp/...root from mythtvsetup to
mythtv-setup. I even updated my /etc/rpm/macros to the whole set from
(I'd been only using a subset before, and thus having to fiddle with
the Release: line in the specfile), to no avail.

> Unfortunately, I did not make a backup of my database before
> upgrading so I do not know if I can go back or not.

I did make a backup, and am thinking hard about making a hasty retreat
to good old 0.19-fixes due to this performance issue as well as what I
believe is broken support for multiple FireWire inputs
but am puzzled as to the way to do so. After 'yum remove \*myth\*' I
tried 'yum install mythtv-suite-0.19-60' only to find that it still
wanted to pull down 0.20 RPM packages.

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