[mythtv-users] Another tinny external audio workaround

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Wed Sep 13 21:01:41 UTC 2006

Another work around for the tinny audio on an IVTV card when using
external audio.

Mythtv always uses the channel change script if the video source defines
it - which will have been done if using composite or svideo input, hence
using external audio in. At the end of the script, another script is
called and put into the background with a '&' character. This second
script just sleeps for a couple of seconds and then runs "ivtvctl -q 1 -d

Thats it! A couple of seconds after Mythtv sets up the channel, the second
scripts re-selects the external audio input and the tinny sound is gone.
This avoids the pops and clicks of using a cron job to keep resetting the
audio path.

channel change script:
user> cat sky.sh


case $cmd in
    # make sure we unmute by hitting vol up
    /usr/bin/irsend -d $DEVICE SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME Vol+
    sleep 0.1
    for digit in $(echo $1 | sed -e 's/./& /g'); do
        /usr/bin/irsend -d $DEVICE SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME $digit
        sleep 0.1

        /usr/bin/irsend -d $DEVICE SEND_ONCE $REMOTE_NAME $cmd

/usr/local/bin/ivtv-bodge &

audio select script:

user> cat ivtv-bodge

sleep 2
/usr/bin/ivtvctl -q 1

Robin Gilks

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