[mythtv-users] 0.20's done

Trey Thompson trey at verustech.com
Wed Sep 13 20:51:22 UTC 2006

> I think what Mike was trying to say (albeit, not very diplomatically),
> is that what you saw was probably just the interface redrawing (which
> will do whenever you come out of the interface configuration
> This is not, however, the entire application restarting itself (I'm
> sure this is even possible on Linux - I've certainly never seen it
> done) which is what's required for more major interface changes to
> take place.
> HTH,
>         Robin

Yeah, I know.  I was just pointing out that my newb feelings got hurt.
I cried a little, wrote in my journal, emailed Oprah, and now I'm over
it.  :)

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