[mythtv-users] USB remote receiver

gLaNDix (Jesse Kaufman) glandix at lloydnet.org
Wed Sep 13 20:31:20 UTC 2006

Carl Fongheiser wrote:
> You can often find these for around $40, so I consider it a pretty 
> reasonable way to go.  I like the MCE remotes, but most of the recent 
> One4All remotes (including the Kameleon) have a code for the MCE 
> remotes.  (Personally, though, I can't stand the way the keys are mapped 
> out on the Kameleons with the MCE code!)

heh, and i'm cheap, so i probably wouldn't pay $40 for one of these :P 
hehe ... tho', i apparently would pay about $90 for a Kameleon :P ...

i didn't even think of looking for a MCE remote code!  i've wanted to do 
some customization of the remote via JP1 anyway, so when i found 
someone's package for making a similar remote work w/ myth, i used that 
as a basis and the Kameleon's PVR device (it was unused on my remote and 
had the most available buttons) ... so, it's 100% customized exactly how 
i want instead of dealing with a predefined code ... i even added a few 
Shift+[key] so i can make << and >> be multi-functional :)

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