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jack snodgrass mrlinuxgroups at gmail.com
Wed Sep 13 12:51:43 EDT 2006


My .htaccess file was missing the:
RewriteRule     ^(pl(/.*)?)$            mythweb.pl/$1           [QSA,L]
line. My database and passwords don't match the defaults, so I
have been checking ( diff ) the difference between my .htaccess
file and the one from svn. I missed this added line....

sorry for the confusion.


On 9/13/06, Chris Petersen <lists at forevermore.net> wrote:
> jack snodgrass wrote:
> > I'm almost certain ( but I can't check / verify ) that the old behavior
> > was when you selected a 'preview' image via mythweb/tv/recorded
> > you'd get a http link to the file in /mnt/store.  i.e. the link would be
> > something like:
> > http://server/mythweb/1005_20060911190000.mpg
> > and I put a symbolic link in my mythweb directory to my /mnt/store
> > directory and I was able to click on the picture and start downloading
> > the mpeg file.
> it was probably mythweb/data/recordings/file.mpg -- which was the
> correct behavior back then.
> > NOW... ( for a while ).... the picutre now links to:
> > http://server/mythweb/pl/stream/1014/1149642000
> > and I click on that ( default installation of mythweb with
> > the .htaccess file changed to point to my database )
> > I get the "An unknown module was specified" error.
> > I do have:
> > modules/stream/handler.pl
> > but nothing else is in that modules/stream directory.
> That is also correct.  The URL's used by mythweb are "virtual" (think
> amazon.com) and merely pass info to a handler (in this case, mythweb.pl
> at the root of your mythweb install)
> > ... so on a fresh, new, clean install of mythweb....
> > ( from svn... I use rsync to copy the mythweb
> > directory to my webserver ) assuming that the .htaccess
> > file that comes with it is changed for the db access...
> > what should happen when you click on a preview image?
> The proper thing to happen is that the file downloads.  All that stream
> handler does now is get around a 2G filesize limit in apache2 and php,
> which perl does not have (well, and it goes the shows a nice
> human-readable name).
> Check your .htaccess for the following line: (should be 137)
> RewriteRule     ^(pl(/.*)?)$            mythweb.pl/$1           [QSA,L]
> If you have that line, and you have followed the instructions in the
> README for setting up the proper apache modules (which it seems like you
> have since the rest of mythweb works), you *should* be fine.  The only
> thing I can think of is that somehow you have an incorrect .htaccess file.
> > mythstreamtv  - whatever it is called - does not appear
> > to be part of mythtv or mythplugins from svn so I have
> > never installed it.
> That's fine.  You just confused me when you said VLC.  If all you're
> doing is *playing* with VLC and not using it to stream from the server
> (which is what MythStreamTV does), that's fine.
> -Chris
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