[mythtv-users] mythweb streaming videos

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Sep 13 12:28:20 EDT 2006

jack snodgrass wrote:
> I'm almost certain ( but I can't check / verify ) that the old behavior
> was when you selected a 'preview' image via mythweb/tv/recorded
> you'd get a http link to the file in /mnt/store.  i.e. the link would be
> something like:
> http://server/mythweb/1005_20060911190000.mpg
> and I put a symbolic link in my mythweb directory to my /mnt/store
> directory and I was able to click on the picture and start downloading
> the mpeg file.

it was probably mythweb/data/recordings/file.mpg -- which was the
correct behavior back then.

> NOW... ( for a while ).... the picutre now links to:
> http://server/mythweb/pl/stream/1014/1149642000
> and I click on that ( default installation of mythweb with
> the .htaccess file changed to point to my database )
> I get the "An unknown module was specified" error.
> I do have:
> modules/stream/handler.pl
> but nothing else is in that modules/stream directory.

That is also correct.  The URL's used by mythweb are "virtual" (think
amazon.com) and merely pass info to a handler (in this case, mythweb.pl
at the root of your mythweb install)

> ... so on a fresh, new, clean install of mythweb....
> ( from svn... I use rsync to copy the mythweb
> directory to my webserver ) assuming that the .htaccess
> file that comes with it is changed for the db access...
> what should happen when you click on a preview image?

The proper thing to happen is that the file downloads.  All that stream
handler does now is get around a 2G filesize limit in apache2 and php,
which perl does not have (well, and it goes the shows a nice
human-readable name).

Check your .htaccess for the following line: (should be 137)

RewriteRule     ^(pl(/.*)?)$            mythweb.pl/$1           [QSA,L]

If you have that line, and you have followed the instructions in the
README for setting up the proper apache modules (which it seems like you
have since the rest of mythweb works), you *should* be fine.  The only
thing I can think of is that somehow you have an incorrect .htaccess file.

> mythstreamtv  - whatever it is called - does not appear
> to be part of mythtv or mythplugins from svn so I have
> never installed it.

That's fine.  You just confused me when you said VLC.  If all you're
doing is *playing* with VLC and not using it to stream from the server
(which is what MythStreamTV does), that's fine.


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