[mythtv-users] quality

Sergei Gerasenko gerases at publicschoolworks.com
Wed Sep 13 00:01:30 EDT 2006

> Hmmm... Try capturing at a higher resolution setting like 640x480 or 
> even 720x480 and see if the blurriness improves. Yes, I know... you 

Do you remember where in setup it is? Or is it in the ivtv drivers

> Next, try a high-ish bitrate like 6000 or even 8000 (temporarily) and 

Did that and I think it improved a little. But watching from about 7
feet, it really looks pretty good no matter the rate. But I think it did
improve at 8000. 

> At least by going through all this you'll have a better understanding 
> of how all these settings work than anyone can explain to you or that 
> you can read about, even if it doesn't fix the problem.

Marvin, thanks for your insight. It really gives me something to work
with. If I have a breakthrough, I'll definitely let you know!


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