[mythtv-users] Channel icon path

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Tue Sep 12 03:39:45 EDT 2006


A question about the path to the channel icons as used by the OSD. The
value in my database refers to the absolute path in the Master backend so
the remote frontend is not able to access the icons even though it has a
copy of them (different user, different home directory).

Have I missed a database update that should have made the path of the form
"~/.mythtv/channels/abc.jpg" rather than what I have at present which is
of the form "/home/user/.mythtv/channels/abc.jpg" which only works if the
user running a frontend is the same thoughout the system.

I've bodged a symbolic link in the home directory to make the icons
accessable but thats not the point...


Robin Gilks

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