[mythtv-users] Eit data comes only to one mux

Tomi Orava tomimo+mythtv-users at ncircle.nullnet.fi
Tue Sep 12 03:07:28 EDT 2006


> I upgraded to 0.20 some time ago and now I have the release of it. It
> seems that eit-data only comes to one mux in 0.20. I have 2 muxes
> configured (YLE and MTV), the yle one has higher channel numbers and
> all those get eit data nicely, but the other mux does not update. Log
> does not give any information about eit data for those channels.
> I had no problems with 0.19. Now I use tv_grab_dvb to update the data.
> The downside of this is that the time offset has to be changed when
> ever we change to winter/summer time.
> I have the use on-air guide in all channels that has eit data.
> Any suggestions how to fix this one?

Unfortunately, there is no currently known fix for this problem.
This bug has been reported as bug #2268 in MythTV bugtracking system.
Are you by any chance using DVB-C in Elisa/TTV cable-network ?
At least in my case the problem applies only the MTV3/SubTV mux,
while the other mux with YLE-channels is just fine.

Tomi Orava

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