[mythtv-users] Mythtv on xbox

Peter Loron peterl at standingwave.org
Mon Sep 11 15:46:28 UTC 2006

William Munson wrote:
> Anthony C wrote:
>>> John Davis wrote:
>>>> Does anyone have any advice on upgrading the mythtv frontend on an xbox?
>>>> Being that it is
>>>> debian based, I tried to apt-get an updated mythtv frontend, but the
>>>> mythtv repository owner seems to have gone away. Does anyone know of
>>>> any debs or a way to compile mythtv on the xbox (it fails the
>>>> configure when trying to compile the tarball.)
>> The Debian Myth packages are at http://www.debian-multimedia.org/ - the
>> current version there is 0.19-0.10 and worked fine for me before I upgraded
>> to SVN - check here
>> http://mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Installing_MythTV_SVN_on_Debian_Sid.
>> Compiling SVN with distcc worked well for me after some frustration getting
>> all of the qt pieces to play nicely - I used this wiki page as a rough
>> guide: http://mythtv.org/wiki/index.php/Xbox_Frontend_Compile_with_SVN
>> However beware when you install the dependencies not to update XFree86 -
>> xserver.org does not work with Xebian.  I used the "apt-get build-dep
>> mythfrontend" approach and then trial and error to get what I needed.  I
>> would *not* recommend compiling on the xbox without distcc - I attempted it
>> and it was still thrashing away after 36 hours.
> I never did get distcc to work correctly on the xbox. If you use ccache 
> when compiling, the mythtv compile takes ~18 hours on only the xbox.. 
> Just means that I dont do as many recompiles as on my main 
> front/backend. That takes a whopping 45 minutes. :)
> Do you remember what you had to do to get distcc to work?

Sort of a tangent question: Has anybody used a VM to host discc? I've
got a couple of Windows boxes around that I could easily use to fire up
a linux VM (free VMWare player, etc) to run as a distcc mule. Any
pointers on what distro, version, deps, etc would be best for an easy
Xebian compile support box? Thanks!


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