[mythtv-users] New HTPC case from Antec

Adel Sarhan asarhan at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 01:51:56 UTC 2006

I have this case and I can confirm that the VFD works with MythTV. The VFD
is actually an OEM Soundgraph iMon without an IR receiver. I used the Linux
drivers and LCDproc from http://venky.ws/projects/imon and it works like a
charm. I haven't really tried to get the volume knob to work.

I initially thought there might be an IR receiver because most iMons have
one. I looked around on the Soundgraph forums and somone from Soundgraph
said the Antec iMon it didn't have one. They also said there wasn't really a
place for someone to add their own. I decided to try the lirc imon module to
confirm that there is no IR receiver. The display works fine with the lirc
module, but I couldn't get anything from the IR.

I did disassemble the VFD display, and it wouldn't be too hard for someone
to add an IR receiver using hot glue or something.

I had the NSK2400, but I like the Fusion much better. Internally they are
pretty much the same except for the power supply. The nice thing about the
Fusion is the aluminum front bezel as opposed to the plastic one on the
NSK2400. The Fusion also has a door that hides the optical drive whereas you
have to try to match it  on the NSK2400. Due to the VFD, there is only room
for one optical drive on the Fusion. Both of them are really quiet. There is
a review of the NSK2400 here
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