[mythtv-users] 0.20 - Program Missing from PAT

Mathew Elliot matelliot at internode.on.net
Mon Sep 11 13:51:22 UTC 2006

OK just building a new machine

Using 2x digitalNow tinyUSB-2's - both of which seem to be working fine via
tzap->mplayer (indicating a lack of general driver/firmware issues...)

However they won't work for anything within myth - get messages about no

I've done a co of 0.20-fixes using 
> svn co http://svn.mythtv.org/svn/branches/release-0-20-fixes mythtv

Compiled using the following configure options

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --arch=i686 --enable-proc-opt
--enable-audio-alsa --disable-audio-arts --disable-audio-jack
--disable-dbox2 --disable-hdhomerun --disable-crciprec --disable-freebox
--enable-lirc --enable-v4l --disable-firewire --enable-dvb
--dvb-path=/usr/include/ --enable-xv --enable-xvmc --enable-opengl-vsync

Mythbackend is spewing out millions of these:
2006-09-11 23:13:03.249 Program #562 not found in PAT!
Program Association Table
 PSIP tableID(0x0) length(37) extension(0x251)
      version(1) current(1) section(0) last_section(0)
         tsid: 593
 programCount: 7
  program number 0 has PID 0x  10   data  0x0 0x0 0x224 0x16
  program number 592 has PID 0x 102   data  0x2 0x80 0x225 0x2
  program number 593 has PID 0x 100   data  0x2 0x81 0x225 0x0
  program number 594 has PID 0x 101   data  0x2 0x82 0x225 0x1
  program number 595 has PID 0x 103   data  0x2 0x83 0x225 0x3
  program number 598 has PID 0x 105   data  0x2 0x86 0x225 0x5
  program number 599 has PID 0x 106   data  0x2 0x87 0x225 0x6

which mean exactly 0 to me lol - any wise people out there? Significant
other is getting stroppy about all the mythboxes being down :( 

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