[mythtv-users] power off and on frontend only with remote

Cameron Watt roo.watt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 10 05:58:48 UTC 2006

On 07/09/06, Allan Wilson <allanwilson at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am setting up a frontend in my bedroom and when I am done watching at
> night I want to hit a button that will put my system in hibernate mode or
> something like that so I don't have to listen to the fan. Is there any way
> to do this and also press a button on the remote to wake it back up? What is
> everyone else doing in situations like this? Thanks for the input
> Allan
Some people have already mentioned the Imon OEM modules that Silverstone and
some others use. Another alternative is the IRtrans oem modules that are
installed in the OrigenAE cases, you can check them out at

It also uses the ATX +5V standby power via a adapter cable that comes with
the module. The one thing I like about this module is that it is a
"universal ir recevier", it can be programmed to learn nearly any remote
control in the market. It can even operate with muliple remotes at the same
time. As far as I know the Imon only works with the Imon remote.

 Also it has a on board relay that is powered from the ATX standby supply so
can use it's on board relay to provide a power switch "push" as if you
pushed the case button, ie it doesn't need motherboard support.


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