[mythtv-users] Channel info in guide is off by one

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Sep 9 23:48:31 UTC 2006

On 09/09/06 10:36, Matt Emmott wrote:

>I posted this problem to the list last week, but it looks like I had
>misdiagnosed the problem. I had thought that my tv tuner was off by
>one channel - i.e., tuning to channel 74 would bring me to channel 75
>but it looks like it's just the channel info in the guide that's off
>by one. When I go to channel 74, myth will go to that channel and
>display that I'm on channel 74, but all the program info will be
>listings for channel 75.
>After poking around a bit It looks like there's an extra channel 2 in
>there - Channel 2 comes up as unknown, with unknown in the list of
>what's playing - its info is in channel 3, channel 3's info is in
>channel 4, etc.
>This problem went away for a little while when I swapped video cards
>(which is probably unrelated), and was fine for a few reboots, but
>It's suddenly back. I tried running mythfilldatabase with no luck. Is
>there a way to blow away all the listings and try from scratch?

The best way is to use mythtv-setup's "Delete all" button in the "Video 
Sources" section to delete all your video sources.  Then, re-create your 
video sources (and channels), re-associate them to inputs on your cards, 
and re-run mythfilldatabase.  Doing so will fix your broken channels at 
the same time as fixing the broken listings (which is why this is the 
best approach for you to use)...


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