[mythtv-users] Computer to TV connection advice needed

Lonnie Borntreger myth at borntreger.com
Sat Sep 9 11:02:14 UTC 2006

I have a working MythTV network.... two backends with a total of 4
tuners and 3 frontends (running on desktop systems in the bedrooms and
office).  I also have one more configured frontend ready.  So far, that
has only seen service on special occasions (kids party or something like
that) when I can borrow a projection system (with vga input) from a
friend.  However, I would like to place it into permanent service in the
family room for a much more comfortable viewing experience.

That is where the problem comes up.  I don't have the money to buy a
projector (and the family room really isn't big enough for it), and a
"modern" TV with vga/dvi inputs is right out also, for now..... and my
TV, while not too old, and quite nice, only has composite and s-video

So, here is question one: Should I get a computer to TV converter box
and use my current video card and X config, or get a video card with
s-video/composite output and deal with re-writing and tuning my X
config?  I can get a converter box off Ebay for $76 (including
shipping), but I see I can get a decent nVidia video card with s-video
out from Ebay for around $25.

While I've been using Linux for (what seems like) forever (since kernel
0.99pl13 with fvwm1), I've gotten way past the age where I enjoy
spending time tweaking modelines and such (age defeats l33t-ness).  That
leads to question two:  How hard is it these days to set up the X config
for s-video output?

I know that the converter box would not be "future proof", as it will
never be able to do HDTV. That brings up question three: (much lower
priority) If I focused on a video card, what outputs work best for
future use with a HDTV (USA) TV; s-video or DVI?

Thanks for your input.
Lonnie Borntreger
Thou shalt not send me any thing which says unto thee, "send this to all
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