[mythtv-users] Microsoft MCE RC and keyboard - working

Neil Dunbar neil.dunbar at pobox.com
Sun Sep 10 12:20:48 UTC 2006

On Saturday 09 September 2006 13:37, Jurgen Kramer wrote:

> Unfortunately the new lirc_mod_mce driver is not very useful on my SMP
> system. The system locks up completely after the first key press is
> given.
> Too bad.

Bummer. My system is an Athlon 64 dual core (3800) with SMP (gentoo), and it 
works OK for me. Not that that's a determinant for anything. Just spent ages 
debugging random lockups on my box - figured it might be the lirc module, but 
it now looks like it was the ivtv 0.7.0 driver for my PVR-350. Ah well, roll 
on fitting my Freeview antenna, then I can be rid of that poxy cable TV 
capture crud.

Hope things improve for you.



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