[mythtv-users] OT: MythTV booth at LinuxWorld Expo in London

Justin Hornsby justin.hornsby at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 01:07:24 UTC 2006

Well, I've (twice) been in the fortunate position where somebody
approached me to ask if I'd like to take MythTV along & show it off.

Sometimes a pre-emptive effort is required.. maybe get along to your
local LUG & tell everybody about what MythTV is, how you set it up &
use it, maybe even give a presentation.  As obvious as it might seem
to us, not everybody in the Linux community has heard of MythTV - or
of those there may be preconcieved ideas/prejudices to overcome.
That's actually part of my 'mission' (to dispel the myths about
MythTV) .. After LugRadioLive I was left with the impression that Myth
sometimes has reputation that precedes it.

It'd be very tempting to take MythTV along to a 'consumer' oriented
show, but as we're all very much aware, setting up MythTV, while not
the hardest thing in the world is far from a 'plug & play' experience
- that could do the project's reputation a lot more harm than good

Exhibiting any project ( but especially MythTV) is a fun and
challenging experience.  If you're keen enough, go for it.


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